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It’s time

Credencial del Peregrino

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My mom thinks it’s time for me to focus on my career. My gynecologist thinks it’s time for me to start a family. Well, I think it’s time for me to go on an adventure.

The idea of hiking the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James) has been in my head for quite some time already. I considered it “something I would like to do someday”.  But as I was lying awake the other night, it suddenly struck me: How about NOW? I need to get away, experience something new, breathe some fresh air and get inspired by the unknown.

So I googled the Camino Portugués, the Portuguese route, and made my decision within seconds. Read more…


5 Turkish expressions I’ve learnt while watching “Öyle bir geçer zaman ki”

Öyle bir geçer zaman ki

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In a previous post, I’ve mentioned 3 Turkish TV series that will keep you up all night. Well, this winter I’ve been spending many hours captivated by Öyle bir geçer zaman ki (~ Time goes by).

This series was broadcast on Turkish TV between 2010 and 2013. It tells the story of the Akarsu family whose life changes considerably when father Ali, a captain, has an affair with a Dutch lady. Mother Cemile fights to keep the family together as one tragedy after the next unfolds. The story is set in Istanbul in the late 1960s and evolves as time goes by. Osman, the youngest son, is the one telling the events in retrospective.

Not only is the series’ story line quite interesting, we also get to learn a lot about Turkey’s historical developments throughout the second half of the twentieth century. Watching the series in Turkish has also enabled me to further improve my language skills.

Let me share the following five expressions that I’ve learnt while watching the series as they’re used quite frequently: Read more…

Sibling time and street art tours: London in June

Street art around Brick Lane.

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I had only been to London once when I was about eleven years old and all I remembered were the Buckingham Palace’s motionless guards as well as lots of walks in the rain. So when my brother invited me over last year in June, I didn’t have too many expectations about the city itself. All I wanted to do was get away from my routine for a few days, catch up with my brother who was studying there and experience London from his perspective.

I couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide. Not only did he show me the mandatory touristy places in an assertive yet relaxed manner but he also introduced me to his everyday life including his friends, his neighbourhood, the library and his favourite restaurants.

Knowing that I very much enjoy street art, he took me around Brick Lane on a Sunday. I simply loved it. It was full of people and there was a market selling all kinds of street food from across the globe. We could stroll around listening to a variety of musicians playing their tunes all while contemplating the graffiti, posters and other kinds of street art to be discovered wherever we’d lay our eyes.

These are some of the encounters I made: Read more…

So Berlin: Ignoring the rules

Berlin tv tower.

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Berlin has been my home for eight years now. I can’t say that I know it like the back of my hand because that hand keeps changing. And so does Berlin.

Being able to constantly explore and rediscover this special spirited city is something I very much enjoy. I’d like to be your tour guide and show you around the German capital’s many customs and curiosities throughout my new series of posts on this blog, So Berlin, which I’m hereby introducing.

Do not label.

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Let’s start with a very common trait of Berliners: Ignoring the rules. Whether it’s a sign kindly asking people not to step on the lawn, not to have any barbecues or not to label an area, it’s very likely this plea will be ignored, as you can see from the picture above. The text says: “Do not label.” Ignoring this kind of prohibitions is no offense. It’s just part of the Berlin culture. So Berlin…

For other interpretations of Tour Guide have a look at this week’s photo challenge.

Six habits of a mindful life in Turkey

Turkish carpets.

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It has almost been four years since I returned to Berlin after having lived in Izmir for eighteen months. Even though I love my city very much, life in Izmir was so different and somehow light-hearted.

As I’ve recently been paying close attention to the concept of Mindfulness, I’ve been finding more and more parallels between this state of awareness of the present moment and the level of well-being I experienced when in Turkey.

Let me introduce you to six habits that made my life in Turkey particularly mindful:


Tea and coffee while sitting.

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  1. Sitting

Before living in Turkey I’d never considered sitting a real activity. When you ask people in Germany what they’re doing, they’ll most probably say they’re working, running some errands, cleaning, doing sports etc. In Turkey though, sitting is a very common activity that includes drinking tea / coffee / both, spending time with family / friends / colleagues, chatting away or simply being. It means sitting in the present moment.

Read more…

Silence in my head

Follow the signs.

© aNadventures


Silence getting louder in my head

Expanding, feeling threat

A deep void I fear

Getting closer, shedding a tear


Silence getting louder in my head

Freedom of the mind, I never had

A deep calmness expanding

On my two feet I’m standing


Silence getting louder in my head

No clue of worries, nor of dread

A barrier between them and me

I neither listen, nor do I see


Silence getting louder in my head

Feeling peaceful, out of bed

Listening to my inner voice

It’s everyone’s personal choice


For other interpretations of Silence have a look at this week’s Photo Challenge.


Smile at life

Smile at life.

© aNadventures

One of my plans for the new year is to clear out my closet and shelves to reduce my belongings to a minimum. Everything that’s neither useful, nor pretty nor necessary has to go.

In a recent clear out mission I came upon a poem that I wrote back in 2010. I didn’t even remember writing it. I decided to keep this one and to share it with you. It’s in Spanish: Read more…

Happy New Year – The Soundtrack of 2017

Discovering life.

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The year is coming to an end. It’s time to reflect upon the past twelve months and to welcome the new ones. I’ll keep it short this time.

Here’s a compilation of my favourite songs of the year:

  1. By Design (Kid Cudi) – Because it cheered up many lonely winter moments
  2. Quien Manda (Mala Rodriguez) – Because it boosts strength
  3. Tuesday (Burak Yeter) – Because every day of the week is special
  4. Somos Dos (Bomba Estéreo) – Because we’re better together
  5. Partiti adesso (Giusy Ferreri) – Because it reminds me of summer in Italy
  6. Raf (Deeperise feat. Jabbar) – Because it’s soothing
  7. Buscándote (Mike Bahia) – Because you find the most beautiful things when you’re not looking for them
  8. Agüita Bendita (Duina del Mar) – Because it makes me dance
  9. Feels (Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry) – Because it’s about taking risks
  10. Enamorada (Pedrina y Rio) – Because it’s wonderful to be in love
  11. Tutto per una ragione (Benji & Fede feat. Annalisa) – Because everything happens for a reason
  12. Pamplona (Fabri Fibra & Thegiornalisti) – Because both Spain and Italy where important to me this year


What’s YOUR playlist of the year? I wish you all a wonderdul 2018 full of health, joy and memorable moments!

10 weird (?) things that make me ME

Motivational tissues.

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Today I went to the supermarket and got my very first cauliflower. It’s literally the first I’ve ever bought. There’s no particular reason I haven’t done it before. Neither is there a particular reason for me buying it today. I just saw it and thought: Why not? Let’s try it. I’m into soups lately. So that may have influenced my decision.

Here’s a list of ten other things that make me ME:

  1. I love exploring supermarkets in foreign countries. They are as interesting to me as museums are to other people.
  2. I often picture myself taking a bite of a stranger’s hot dog while they’re passing by.
  3. I listen to Reggaetón music when I’m in the shower.
  4. When boarding a plane, I gently pat it while entering the door.
  5. I’m a big fan of motivational tissues.
  6. I’m a lipstick addict.
  7. I like setting up missions.
  8. I collect the business cards of the people I work with.
  9. I like to think of my life as a soap opera.
  10. I own a tiger costume.


Number 11 would be: I bought a cauliflower for the very first time at age 31.

How about YOU? What makes you YOU?


Welcoming summer: Sicily in May

Beach at San Vito Lo Capo, Italy.

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Autumn is settling in. It has been raining for most of the day or at least that’s what I assume because the fog is covering most of the view from my window. I’ve snuggled up in my leisure suit and had a cup of tea accompanied by a decent portion of jam spread on bread – pure comfort food. This seems like the perfect day for writing and commemorating the start of the summer.

It was by the end of May. A few sunrays had already made it to Berlin. Nonetheless, I decided to escape Germany and to spend a week in Italy with my dear friend, simply because Italy is always a good idea. And because May is a great month to get yourself pre-tanned for the summer, don’t you agree?

I flew to the north, near Venice, grabbed my friend and then we headed south to Trapani, in Sicily.

Here you go for some recommendations accompanied by My Mediterranean May Mosaic:   Read more…