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© aNadventures


significa estar

con el recuerdo

de amarte, de contar




significa estar

con la confianza

de amarme, de sanar




My heart

© aNadventures

My heart is a stranger

I only just met. 

A friendly reminder

to make it out of bed.


My heart is a parcel

that waits to be picked up. 

A warm sip of coffee

served in a chipped cup.  


My heart is a triangle

lost in the Bermudas. 

It’s fluent in Turkish

and Spanish, sin dudas


My heart is the sun, Read more…

june verses

© aNadventures

verses in june

are in tune

with the universe


like a breeze 

greeting closed eyes

through an open window


they feel right

when nothing’s left

to say

Latimos macchiato

© aNadventures

Late en el pecho

Late a su ritmo

Late en la noche

Late al despertar


Late de frente

Late con fuerza

Late de paso

Late sin control


Late viajando

Late soñando

Late olvidando

Late macchiato


Late en turco

Late en español

Late en familia

Late al sol


Late poesías

Late labiales

Late verdades

Late ladrillos


Late a primera vista

Y espero que no mate

Late una última vez

Ese que tanto late


Photo courtesy of textilia

Yo no soy 

de las que se dan la vuelta

y cierran la puerta sin mirar




de las que la cierran con llave

esperando que haya vuelta


Then and now

© aNadventures

Recently, I got myself a new passport. And I kept the old one as a souvenir. When I compare the picture of myself in 2011 with the one in 2021, I think I look pretty much the same on both, except for the glasses. I also seem a little bit more mature on the more recent one, I guess. Even though I might look almost the same, I’m not. From within, I’ve changed on so many levels. Where to start?  

Looking at my old and new passport pictures inspired me to write the following letter to myself: 


Dear 25-year-old Me, 

The past ten years have been challenging. Yet, they’ve been the best ones of our life, so far. There have been down moments. Sometimes months and years can feel like one single extended down moment. But what are the highs without the lows, right?

My dear little self, there’s so much you can look forward to beyond that new pair of glasses. Beyond looks and all those superficialities. There are so many blessings yet to come. You’ll soon get to live in Turkey for 1.5 years. This experience will mark a major turning point in your life. There will be a time BEFORE Turkey. And there will be a time AFTER Turkey. But first, you’ll enjoy every second of your time while IN Turkey. 

Upon your return to Berlin, you’ll be fluent in Turkish a language you’re just starting to get familiar with right now. You’ll also pick up Italian eventually. I know this will motivate you. Because you love languages. And you’ll particularly love the process of getting to learn these as well. 

Right now, you might be worried about gaining work experience. Believe me, you’ll get plenty of that. You’ll work in a wide range of fields such as exports, translation, IT and publishing. You’ll change jobs four times within four years and you’ll enjoy a great sense of freedom from being the CEO of your own life. You’ll train to become a writing tutor and feel how things will gradually fall into place if (and only if) they’re meant to be. 
Read more…

may day

© aNadventures

may the month of may

bring us more love 

and less


more certainties 

and less


La decisión

© aNadventures


hay muchas. 

Las decisiones son

conscientes. Quiero ser tu…



© aNadventures

Chocolate pretzels, evening tea 

and poetry the bridge 

I’ve been crossing on Mondays. 

I remember dreading the first day 

of the week, not anymore.

Oh, how time turns tables


into stages. I can’t wait to dance 

with you. We’ll take turns leading 

by example. The bridge I wish 

they all crossed. A word at a time.

La poesía es un puente de cortesía. 

Puentesía as I’d like to spell it out.  


Note: This poem was written on the occasion of World Poetry Day and it’s a contribution to the Monthly #WordPrompt.  


© aNadventures


today, tomorrow. 

Sunshine, coffee, limoni.

You deserve it all.