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A matter of perspective

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what I love about summer is wearing no jacket

what I hate about languages is mixing them up 

what I love about lipstick is feeling invincible

what I hate about mornings is getting up

what I love about books is diving in

what I hate about soup is that it’s not pizza 

what I love about giraffes is their evolution

what I hate about phones is when they ring

what I love about Turkey is beyond words

what I hate about life is feeling stuck 

what I love about Bob is that he’s always right

what I hate about endings is starting all over

what I love about poetry is between the lines

what I hate about happiness is playing hide and seek

what I love about languages is their worlds

what I hate about summer is sticky thighs

what I love about phones is the right person calling

what I hate about love is when it hurts

what I love about love is its timing


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