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Travels near and far

© aNadventures

Berlin, we were meant to be.

Hamburg, you had me in tears. 

Krakow, I’ll be back soon. 

Madrid, please wait for me. 


Munich, oh well. 

Bogotá, back to the roots.

Barcelona, bonding strangers

Izmir, hundreds of stories to tell. 


Porto, forever in my heart.

Verona, dreams come true.  

Bibione, mi manca il tuo sole. 

Budapest, counting coins all smart. 


Cologne, full of surprises. 

London, I changed my mind. 

Albufeira, a toast by the coast. 

Zurich, chocolate in all sizes. 


Granada, beauty beyond words

Montréal, bonjour, hi

Lisbon, taste of pastry and wine. 

Where to next?, I wonder. Goodbye. 


How about YOU? What’s a travel destination you’ll remember?


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