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Draw it with your tongue: 6 expressions to state your current mood in Turkish

Coulourful house in Salamanca, Spain.

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One of the many things I love about the Turkish language is that it’s so full of imagery. It literally feels like you can create drawings while talking.

In previous posts, I’ve described that Turkish is not that hard of a language to learn, that you can express yourself in 3 basic sounds, that you’re clearly at an advantage if you know some French expressions and that it’s important to take your time or the devil will interfere.

Next, I’d like to show you some examples of the strong imagery that can be found in the Turkish language in an everyday conversation, for example when you’re asked how you are and you get to express your current mood.  Have a look at the following 6 statements:


  1. Keyfim yerinde.

This means something like “My mood is at its right place” and you can use it to express that you’re feeling well, happy and that you’re having a good time. You may also say Keyfim, sağlığım yerinde which means that your mood as well as your health are at their right places.

  1. Canım sıkın.

Whenever you use this expression, whoever you’re talking to will understand that you’re feeling blue, that there’s something bothering you. Its literal translation would be something like “My soul is squeezed / crushed” which states a rather unpleasant feeling.

  1. Kafam karışık.

If you’re feeling confused, this expression comes in handy. It means “My head is mixed up”.

  1. Kafa yiyeceğim.

This is one of my personal favourites. It means something like “I will eat [my] head”. Whenever I get to hear it, I can’t refrain from smiling simply because I picture that person eating a head. Its actual meaning is a different one, though: I’ll crack up. I’m going crazy.

  1. Moralim bozuk.

This expression translates into “My frame of mind is broken”. You may make use of it whenever you’re feeling disappointed.

  1. Psikolojim bozuk.

This statement is even stronger than the previous one: “My psychology is broken”. It’s appropriate whenever you’re devastated because of something.


How about YOU? What imagery in Turkish or in other languages come to your mind when you think about expressions to state your current mood?

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