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Normal life

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“Everything will go back to normal eventually, won’t it?”, she asks, pacing up and down. 

“What if what you call normal isn’t normal, after all?”, he replies, the corner of his lips implying a smile. 

“You must be joking.” 

“I’m not.” 

“Tell me then. What’s normal to you?”

“Being present is normal. Taking full responsibility for my life feels normal to me.”

“Normal? As in the norm?”, she wants to know.

“Normal, as in the way things should be”, he replies. 

“But they’re not”, she states. 

“They are. Things are exactly the way they are supposed to be”. His voice echoes in the room. 

“But not as they used to be”, she completes. 

“Exactly”, he states. 

“Very well then”, she says, chewing her lower lip. 

“That’s life, I guess”, he goes on. 

“That’s life”, she sighs, turning her mobile phone into flight mode.

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  1. This was a good reading Ana. Nowdays I’m always asking “what is normal?”. And reading you, yes, it is the present, the moment, now.
    Thank you so much.
    Have a lovely day.

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