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The One Where I reflect on 2022

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For the third year in a row, I’ve looked at each day of my life as an episode in a sitcom with me being its main character and other special people starring in my adventures. Reading through the notebooks I filled this year, I’m once again so very grateful for all the moments I got to collect. One of my friends says my life resembles a rom-com. I sure get to cry all sorts of tears on a regular basis. See for yourselves. 


The following are some of the many exceptional episodes I experienced throughout 2022: 

  • The One Where my friend Trixie and I smoke cigarettes as part of a mission to catch up on stuff we didn’t do when we were teenagers. 
  • The One Where we celebrate Chinese New Year and welcome the Year of the Tiger. 
  • The One Where I submit the application document for my Master thesis. 
  • The One Where I make use of my right to vote in the Colombian presidential elections for the very first time in my life. 
  • The One Where we celebrate my mum’s birthday with the family and I finally get to meet my brother’s girlfriend. 
  • The One Where the yang to my yin and I have breakfast in Paris. 
  • The One Where I switch from having two employers plus my studies to concentrating on just one job and my studies.  
  • The One Where I sleep with my childhood crush.
  • The One Where I have an Easter brunch with the family, spend a few hours working on my thesis, do some distance dancing in the garden with the one who taught me unconditional love who has caught Covid and spend five hours looking for childhood pics of me and my crush. 
  • The One Where I dance at a dear friend’s Turkish-Persian wedding and I feel like part of the family.
  • The One Where my parents and I have lunch at a Mongolian restaurant and I get a glimpse on what the life of an only child might feel like. 
  • The One Where I take part in a bike demonstration with some dear friends and we cycle about 40 km throughout the city and parts of the motorway. 
  • The One Where I’m part of an open-air concert with the band I joined two years ago and it’s my first ever concert and I feel proud of it even though I couldn’t sleep for almost a month because I was so nervous. 
  • The One Where my coach and I meet up for breakfast before work and it feels like being in Spain.
  • The One Where it turns out my aunt and my cousin were at the same place at approximately the same time as I went on a date with a guy I met “in Spain”.
  • The One Where I sleep on the balcony after a day of extensive studying at the library. 
  • The One Where I get a new hair style – the shortcut to a big change in my life. 
  • The One Where I travel to Italy for a workation and I reunite with the yang to my yin after four months. 
  • The One Where I celebrate my birthday at the beach with pizza and dear people.
  • The One Where I celebrate the 10th aNaversary of this blog
  • The One Where I take a mental health day from work to catch up on sleep and duties at home. 
  • The One Where my coach gets married and I’m her witness. 
  • The One Where I hand in my Master thesis
  • The One Where I accompany my coach on her honeymoon at the Côte d’Azur. 
  • The One Where I have my last day at work and I’m both sad to leave the team and grateful for all the wonderful moments we experienced together and for finally leaving a job on good terms. 
  • The One Where I meet a nice and clever elderly man at my new favourite coffee house. 
  • The One Where a stranger in that very same coffee house draws my portrait
  • The One Where I fall in love with yet another friendly stranger I meet at yet another coffee house. 
  • The One Where I have tea with ANOTHER friendly stranger in a coffee house and I tell him about the friendly stranger I recently fell in love with and he wishes me good luck for everything to turn out well if it’s meant to be. 
  • The One Where I receive my Master’s diploma and my coach and I are reunited after almost two months and we have a little celebration. 
  • The One Where I help out a dear friend selling her hand-made products at the X-Mas market and I achieve my mission of selling a product that hasn’t been sold in two years: a tree ornament in the shape of a dog that wears a woolen bonnet and has a melancholic face expression. 
  • The One Where my IKEA armchair arrives (ordering it took me 2.5 years) and I’m just as happy about the boxes in which it was delivered as about the armchair itself.  
  • The One Where I build myself a cave out of the armchair boxes and spend all day chilling, writing and reading in it. 
  • The One Where my sister from another mister asks me to be her son’s godmother and I get to carry him around for most of the day and I feel all fueled up on love and zen vibes afterwards.
  • The One Where we celebrate X-Mas via zoom with the family because some of us have caught Covid and we can’t spend the holidays together for the third year in a row. 
  • The One Where I have my last walk and my last cup of coffee of the year 2022.

Last year, I wished us all blessings and adventures, no matter how small or big. I can say that in my case, I certainly experienced them throughout this year in the shape of milestones, responsibilities, quality time and surprises. Let’s see what 2023 holds in stock. I’m ready for whatever my rom-com life confronts me with. I wish you all a wonderful year ahead! May it bring you what your heart, mind and soul most long for. 


How about YOU? Which episodes of 2022 would you like to remember?


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  1. Oh my, I haven’t been around here for a while. Sorry! Your year does sound like anAdventure 🙂 Whishing you all the best for the new one!

    • Hey! Great so “see” you around. 😉 Danke! All the best for your upcoming adventures as well! May they be both “kitchig” and entertaining and fill your life with laughter. 🙂

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