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Tango tempers

© aNadventures

Arguing is like dancing. We feel the rhythm, stay in sync with one another, eventually start sweating. I want to move away. You hold on to me. We take a few steps in your direction. You lead me. Then there’s a twist. I turn around on the tip of my heels. My hair flings towards your face. It almost hits you. Your gaze follows my back all while you hold on to my index finger. You follow my step, the rhythm leading you. We take a few steps in my direction. I lead you. Then I turn around. Look straight into your eyes. You’re smiling. My expression remains grave. I step to the right. You mirror me. I step to the left. Your gaze and pace follow me. You grab my hip. Pull me close towards you. Heart to heart – that’s how we dance. That’s how we argue. 


From → Getting started


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