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Some of us

© aNadventures

Some of us know what it’s like

to be called boring for cancelling plans

to be tired to the bone, no matter how much sleep we get

to be tired of speaking

to be tired of listening

to want others to leave so we can get back to reading our book

(snuggled up with a blanket and a hot beverage)

to read the same line over and over again

to wait for our thoughts to shut up

to wait for our heart beats to calm down

to wait for our hands to stop shaking

to lock ourselves in the bathroom and have a decent cry

to be haunted by shame and regret 

(sorry, so sorry, I wish I had but I didn’t)

to smile at the mirror and try to cheer ourselves up 

to hug ourselves to sleep

to feel lonely when preparing dinner

to feel lonely in a crowd

to feel lonely with our friends

to be in flight mode to avoid calls and messages 

to be a psycho for the regular ones

to be a drama queen for those who have it all figured out

to be “just a phase” for the past few years

to be proud of having gotten out of bed

to be proud of facing one day at a time 

to be proud of trying over and over again

to be proud of how far we’ve come, despite it all

and other people don’t. 

Note: This poem is inspired by Rita Ann Higgins’ poem, “Some People”, introduced in Kate Clanchy’s book “How to grow your own poem”. 


From → Tip of my Tongue

  1. Temos que ter mais orgulho e saber que aos poucos, temos conquistas. Nem sempre é fácil ver.
    Um abraço Ana, uma boa semana.

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