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5 Turkish movies that will bring tears to your eyes


One of the many advantages of living in Berlin is that you may watch Turkish movies in the original language in many cinemas across town, especially in the districts of Neukölln and Wedding. This year, I’ve taken advantage of this option and I’ve watched a couple of movies I’d like to recommend:

Delibal (~ Andromedotoxine / Mad honey)

Photo courtesy of beyaz perde.


The moment Barış sees Füsun for the first time, he falls in love with her. It’s a feeling stronger than anything he’s ever experienced. It takes some time, though, until he manages to conquer Füsun’s heart. The moment everything seems just perfect, life gets in the way of their fairy tale.


Photo courtesy of Cohen Media Group.

This is the story of five sisters who grow up with their uncle and grandmother in a small town on the Black Sea coast. The day a neighbour sees them playing around with some boys by the sea, their house becomes their prison. The girls now find ways to turn their routine into a fun game ― until it’s time to escape…

Dünyanın en güzel kokusu (~ The world’s nicest smell)

Photo courtesy of beyaz perde.

Hakan and Derya are best friends. When their biological clocks starts ticking louder and louder, they decide to get married and have a child together. Destiny messes up their plan, though.

Unutursam fısılda (~ Whisper in case I forget)

Photo courtesy of beyaz perde.

Hatice and Hanife are sisters with quite opposite character traits. Hatice, the younger and more outgoing one, falls for a musician with whom she leaves home. Hanife is left behind with a broken heart until many years later, she finds her sister on her front door.

İkimizin yerine (~ For the two of us)

Photo courtesy of beyaz perde.

Ҫiçek just turned eighteen. She’s bored of her life just until a new teacher shows up at her school. She can’t help but fall in love. A family secret is about to be uncovered.

Have you watched any of the above mentioned movies? What was your opinion? Which other Turkish movies do you recommend?

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