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10 years of aNadventures

© aNadventures

Ten years ago, on August 31st in 2012, I created this blog and named it aNadventures. I think it was a Friday. I was about to leave for my study-abroad-adventure in Izmir, which started in September that same year. I was looking for an outlet to share my personal adventures of life in Turkey and of life in general. In my welcome post, I wrote the following:


“You will find all sorts of things here: funny anecdotes, strange things happening to me and my surroundings, my impressions of Turkey, Berlin, the world and much more. At least, that’s the plan. Let’s see how it turns out.”


It turns out, Im’ still blogging. Ten years later. Who would have thought? Certainly not me. I simply created this cozy virtual space and started filling it with experiences, impressions and musings. Post by post, week by week and year by year, aNadventures turned into what it is today: a virtual piece of my soul accessible to everyone who takes the time to read it.  

In my first post, I wrote about my first encounter with Turkish tea. Four hundred thirteen posts later, I find myself sharing a bitterly romantic poem in Spanish. In between, so much has happened, changed and evolved. I’ve celebrated previous milestones: the 2nd aNaversary, the 3rd aNaversary, the 5th aNaversary and the 8th aNaversary of this blog, for instance.   

I love flicking through these virtual pages. They remind me of past versions of myself. They make me smile or laugh or feel proud of my process. At the same time, they reflect who I am and who I might still be in the future. To celebrate, I’m putting together a selection of ten posts I’ve shared on aNadventures in the course of the past ten years. These are simply ten posts out of many that I currently vibe with:  


  1. Confessions of a heart of stone
  2. 25 things I learnt from living in Turkey
  3. Two kebabs to go
  4. Home is where my keys are
  5. Turkey: It was meant to be
  6. Mission completed
  7. When I write
  8. 15 lessons learnt on the Camino Portugués
  9. The One Where I acknowledge 2020
  10. Poetry


Here’s to aNadventures. Here’s to you, who’s reading me. Here’s to ten more days, months or years of blogging. Happy 10th aNaversary

How about YOU? What’s one recent milestone you’d like to celebrate? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section. 



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