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Then and now


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Recently, I got myself a new passport. And I kept the old one as a souvenir. When I compare the picture of myself in 2011 with the one in 2021, I think I look pretty much the same on both, except for the glasses. I also seem a little bit more mature on the more recent one, I guess. Even though I might look almost the same, I’m not. From within, I’ve changed on so many levels. Where to start?  

Looking at my old and new passport pictures inspired me to write the following letter to myself: 


Dear 25-year-old Me, 

The past ten years have been challenging. Yet, they’ve been the best ones of our life, so far. There have been down moments. Sometimes months and years can feel like one single extended down moment. But what are the highs without the lows, right?

My dear little self, there’s so much you can look forward to beyond that new pair of glasses. Beyond looks and all those superficialities. There are so many blessings yet to come. You’ll soon get to live in Turkey for 1.5 years. This experience will mark a major turning point in your life. There will be a time BEFORE Turkey. And there will be a time AFTER Turkey. But first, you’ll enjoy every second of your time while IN Turkey. 

Upon your return to Berlin, you’ll be fluent in Turkish a language you’re just starting to get familiar with right now. You’ll also pick up Italian eventually. I know this will motivate you. Because you love languages. And you’ll particularly love the process of getting to learn these as well. 

Right now, you might be worried about gaining work experience. Believe me, you’ll get plenty of that. You’ll work in a wide range of fields such as exports, translation, IT and publishing. You’ll change jobs four times within four years and you’ll enjoy a great sense of freedom from being the CEO of your own life. You’ll train to become a writing tutor and feel how things will gradually fall into place if (and only if) they’re meant to be. 
You’ll fall in and out of love several times. You’ll end up loving yourself and being your own best companion. You’ll meet one of your closest friends ever the one that is the yang to your yin and will hold your back on more than one mission

You’ll travel to Canada, Colombia, Switzerland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary and Poland. You’ll be back in Turkey twice and be a witness at your flatmate’s wedding. You’ll walk the Camino Portugués. Yoga and meditation will become part of your daily habits. You’ll get better and better at being a minimalist.

You’ll experience burnout and different shades of sadness. You’ll be hungry, very hungry, but you’ll find the strength to make it through another day and then the next. You’ll cherish foodie moments even more and you’ll be grateful for every bite. You’ll be passionate about long walks and coffee, about reading and writing and authentic conversations. You’ll even join a band. 

You’ll take things very personally. You’ll keep listening to Bob. You’ll know who your true friends are. You’ll look at old wounds and will feel very lonely. You’ll practice letting go, forgiving yourself and others. You’ll put yourself out there, make yourself vulnerable and gain strength from the lessons learnt

You’ll start a blog. THIS blog! A blog about your adventures that will be part of your journey. Writing will become a habit and a passion. And you’ll be very fond of poetry. Ten years ago, you didn’t experience the benefits of writing the way you do today. So much of what is part of your daily life today didn’t exist back then. Within ten years, you’ll accomplish so much. You’ll graduate in your business studies and start a Master’s in Creative Writing which you’ll be completing soon. 

You’ll become more experienced in cooking. In loving. In living. In taking one step at a time and in trusting the timing of your life. My dear little self, you’re beautiful. You’ve always been. You’ll continue being a wonderful person. Cherish the good times and learn from the hard times. Be proud of your past, be authentic in your present and confident about your future. And know this for sure: I will always have your back. 

Love Me, 


  1. Wow, Romina, so schön!

  2. (Irgendwie lässt mich WP nicht kommentieren …) Das ist ein wunderschöner Brief!

    • Es hat geklappt. Danke für deinen Kommentar! 🙂

      • Yeha!
        Aber im Ernst, wir treffen uns ja immer nur sporadisch hier aber dieser Bief hat mich wirklich beeindruckt. Was du alles erlebt hast, und vor allem, wie positiv du damit umgehst. Man kann halt in der Ecke sitzen und meckern oder man kann es anders machen. Vielleicht aNadventures machen 😉

      • Oh danke dir! Deine Wertschätzung bedeutet mir sehr viel. Tatsächlich ist es heilsam für mich, mein Leben als Abenteuer zu betrachten. Manchmal sogar auch als kitschige Telenovela. 😉 Mit allen Höhen und Tiefen, die dazugehören.

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