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Turkey first times


First times generally happen to be special times; moments that remain in our memories for a long time. They may be pleasant or terrifying, funny or awkward. It depends on the situation and the people involved, I guess.

In my case, many of my “Turkey first times” have turned into bits that when put together mark the puzzle of my Turkey experience. They are parts of the whole, like the frame to the big picture.

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I clearly remember my first time stepping off the plane and touching Turkish soil, my first ride from the airport to the dormitory, the first time I asked for a metro ticket in Turkish. My first dinner in Izmir (pictured above), my first encounter with dear friends, my first boat trip, my first night at my Turkish flat, my first blog post about Turkey, my first time at a Turkish cinema… And so on. It seems like I have had many more first times while being here than I had before. But maybe that is just due to the fact that I am on adventure time over here and probably more open to new experiences than I used to be before. First times may be last times but they can also be first times out of many times. Let’s hope my time in Turkey is one of the latter ones.

Any (Turkey) first times you care to share?


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