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Two steps forward

Buen Camino!

© aNadventures

Two steps forward,

one step back. 

We’re moving, aren’t we?


Let’s find out where this path

will take us. 

Step by step.

Just never take the bus. 


It’s not easy. 

But that’s part of it all. 

Isn’t it?


Let’s face this adventure

Let’s make it last. 

Are we living the moment?

Forgetting the past?


Two steps forward,

one step back. 

Another hill, a trail, a river. 

Evening shiver. 


A hot shower.


Snuggling up. 


It’s the most basic things.

We’re caring for. 

Each other. 


The others.

Former strangers

Newly won friends




No make-up on. 


Only mascara. 

Leaving a trail. 

Of tears


Will there be a happy ending? 

For us?

For them?

For everyone?


It’s never really over. 

Is it?

The end marks a new beginning


Inspired by Graeme Simsion’s & Anne Buist’s novel “Two Steps Forward” as well as by my very own Camino experience. How about YOU? Is there any Camino-related reading you’d recommend?



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  1. Irina Marques permalink

    This are really beautiful words, and so true. Just love them Ana, it’s our life, small steps and try to do our best to look out for each other. Congratulations 🤗

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