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3 Turkish TV series that will keep you up all night


The grey winter months are just perfect for snuggling up with a movie or a series. Why not improve your language skills at the same time? My friends from Turkish class have appreciated the Turkish TV series I recently recommended to them. If you’re into a decent portion of drama, suspense, intrigues and beautiful people, you may be interested in my suggestions as well:


Aşkı memnu (~ Forbidden love)

Forbidden love.

Photo courtesy of Ay Yapım.

Bihter marries Adnan, a rich man twice her age, and enjoys being part of Istanbul’s high society. But soon things start getting complicated as she has an affair with Behlül who is like a son to her husband and lives under the same roof with them. But it turns out Nihal, Adnan’s teenage daughter (not Behlül’s real sister), is also in love with Behlül. And she again is loved by Beşir, one of the family’s employees who happens to know more about the affair than he probably should.

And this is just the simple plot so imagine how twisted things can still get.


Fatmagül’ün suçu ne? (~ Why would it be Fatmagül’s fault?)


Photo courtesy of beyaz perde.

Fatmagül leads a simple life in the countryside near Izmir. Up until the day she is raped by a group of rich young men from Istanbul. The traumatized girl is then obliged to marry Kerim, who was present the night it all happened but didn’t prevent his friends from doing it. Will the culprits be able to hush up the truth? Will money win over morals? Will Fatmagül ever be able to regain trust in herself, in others and rebuild her life?  Be prepared to learn a lot of law-related vocabulary throughout this series.


Anne (~ Mother)

Zeynep and Melek.

Photo courtesy of beyaz perde.

This series is a recent one. I started watching it with my dear flat mate and her mum upon my return to Turkey and was hooked from the very first episode.

Seven year old Melek grows up in a household dominated by violence and neglect. Her mother works in a brothel trying to make ends meet but is unable to protect her daughter from her boyfriend’s violent hands. After finding herself being dumped in the trash, the little girl agrees to being kidnapped by her teacher Zeynep who takes her to Istanbul to start a new life. But it won’t be long until they are both chased by their respective past.


Have YOU watched any of these Turkish series? What have been your impressions? Do you have any other recommendsations to share?



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