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aNadventures Soundtrack Vol. 2


Two years ago, I designed this cover featuring some of my favourite aNadventures blog posts. I think it’s time for a new soundtrack including new favourites as well as old classics. So here’s what I’ve come up with:

aNadventures Soundtrack Vol. 2 - Cover

© aNadventures

  1. Turkey: It was meant to be
  2. You know you have been in Turkey for a while when…
  3. 25 things I learnt from living in Turkey
  4. Reverse culture shock
  5. Don’t be ugly
  6. Home is where my keys are
  7. Live long and wear it with a smile
  8. Oh, this happy life
  9. Leave your earplugs at home
  10. Life’s too short to be among moldy tomatoes
  11. Wise words from an animated monkey
  12. In love with life
  13. When I write
  14. Mission completed


Bonus Tracks

  1. Confessions of a heart of stone
  2. Two kebabs to go
  3. Closing circles


Feel free to let me know what you think about the latest post selection and cover in the comment section. Thanks again for reading and following my aNadventures!

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