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Turkish Daylights: Marriage


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If you don’t finish your plate, your husband / wife will be ugly! This is one of the sentences Turkish parents threaten their kids with in order to get them to eat. The kid frowns and forces itself to take another bite. Better not take any risk, just in case mum and dad might be right.

The other day I was told by a Turkish friend that if I like to put a lot of sauce on my salad, it means that I will love my spouse just as much. If a bred roll crumbles too much, it means that the marriage won’t last. And so on.

In Turkey, marriage is just everywhere. It is a central theme of the culture. Sharing your life with someone is a considerable step. And there are lots of ceremonies that take you there. When a family meets their daughter’s / son’s partner, this is already considered a step towards marriage. The engagement ceremony usually takes place when the families of the couple meet. Salty coffee is served by the future bride, rings are exchanged and red bands are cut. What follows is a Big Fat Turkish Wedding with fluffy puffy dresses, lots of gold and tears of joy. Thank God I finished that plate! 

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