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I want to be the sun

and not have writer’s block. 

I want to be the first to rise 

and not the last to fall in love

I want to be the sun so I can

shine when I’m in tears

I want to be warm and authentic. 

Everyday – not just on Sundays.  

I would like to be brave,

create a universe of trust. 


You with your blank page silence,

your wall of doubts,

your filters of fear

and ongoing boomerang excuses.  

Don’t try to talk to me, because

I’m setting my alarm. 

Don’t admire my progress 

if you turned your back on me before.

I am going to be the sun

and you won’t bathe in my light.  


Note: This poem is inspired by Iesha Jennings’ poem “Moon”, which I came upon in Kate Clanchy’s book “How to grow your own poem”.

From → Tip of my Tongue

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