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To the friend I’ve known for a decade

Unser Herz.

© aNadventures

Our quality time

doesn’t have to rhyme

with everyone else’s. 

We have endured

for a decade, 

secured so many memories. 

You’re the one to hold on tight to the sword,

the one to never break her word. 

You’re the one to listen carefully, 

the one to pay attention. 

You’re a Berlin city girl, 

twirling through life

wild and spontaneously,

good as hell, just to mention. 

Talking to you feels like

swallowing honesty pills, 

taking a swim in the lake of my soul. 

You’re the one who taught me

daylight swimming without a bikini. 

The one who taught me 

discreetly peeing in public,

not being such a weenie. 

You’re the one who hands me toilet paper

when my heart is hurting.

You’re the one who knows most of my cousins, 

the one with the cool grannies. 

No need for shampoo nor mascara

when we’re together.  

Because our quality time 

doesn’t have to rhyme

with everyone else’s.

From → Tip of my Tongue

  1. Discreetly peeing in public is certainly a great skill 😉

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