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To the one who taught me unconditional love

© aNadventures

Words cannot describe

how wonderful 

you are. 

Beauty, brains…

You have it all. 

You fall

you get back up. 

You’re terrible at losing games

but great at winning people’s hearts.

Both caring and daring,

you’re strong as a rock, 

yet soft as silk. 

I’m sure our souls have known each other

for much longer than we can remember. 

Such a steady bond, 

no need for words

Just know I’ll always be by your side, 

through marriage and divorce. 

And so much more, of course. 

You deserve the very best

life has to offer. 

It hurts me when I see you suffer. 

You deserve the same amount of love you give

and so much more. 

You’ll get there.

Let’s see what DESTINY has in store.

To me you are a star

rising up high. 

No matter what

you keep on shining. 

You’ve taught me

unconditional love.

I’ll be forever grateful

My soul twin. 


From → Tip of my Tongue

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