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The One Where I acknowledge 2020

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I like to think of my life as a movie. Or a sitcom. With me as the main character and several fun-loving characters accompanying me on my daily adventures. Recently, my dear friend Lilia from The Writing Village suggested naming the days of the year in the manner of my all-time favourite sitcom Friends. You might remember that the naming of the episodes follows a regular pattern: “The One Where…” or “The One With…”. I love this idea and decided to acknowledge the many special moments I experienced throughout this last year by looking at them as part of the episodes that make up my life. 

The following are some of my exceptional episodes from 2020: 

  • The One Where I see my childhood crush after 18 years. 
  • The One Where my friend Trixie prepares a hot water tub for me after a long exhausting day. 
  • The One Where I eat a potato with tomato sauce in hospital and it tastes like heaven. 
  • The One Where I see my dear Aida after 6 years and it seems like no time has passed at all. 
  • The One Where we take a trip to Krakow, Poland. 
  • The One Where my sister from another mister introduces me to her son. 
  • The One Where the one who taught me unconditional love gets married. 
  • The One Where I enjoy my first pizza of the year on the balcony. 
  • The One Where I plant flowers and make them last.
  • The One Where there are hardly any tourists at the Brandenburg Gate.
  • The One Where the friend who reads my mind reads tarot cards for me. 
  • The One Where I see the most beautiful rainbow from my balcony. 
  • The One Where my sister and I splash about in her in-laws’ pool. 
  • The One Where I sleep on the balcony enjoying a star-sprinkled summer sky. 
  • The One Where I join a band. 
  • The One Where I decide to quit my job. 
  • The One Where my cousin moves in for two weeks. 
  • The One Where he learns how to prepare lasagna. 
  • The One Where I celebrate my birthday with my family and we all eat cake. 
  • The One Where Aida and I start having virtual breakfasts. 
  • The One Where I celebrate the 8th aNaversary of this blog. 
  • The One Where I write a short story and then another one. 
  • The One Where I’m so deeply grateful for my wonderful friends who truly care about me. 
  • The One Where I tell my crush. 
  • The One Where Trixie and I celebrate our ten-year-anniversary having lunch in Poland. 
  • The One Where I spend a week with my sister in Hamburg. 
  • The One Where I’m officially in the third semester of my Master’s. 
  • The One Where I’m invited to a dinner party with social distance dancing in the kitchen. 
  • The One Where Trixie and I say goodbye to Tegel Airport
  • The One Where I participate in NaBloPoMo
  • The One Where I walk a lot. 
  • The One Where I meet a guy during lockdown and my friends call me a hero. 
  • The One Where the yang to my yin and I celebrate our five-year-anniversary over the phone. 
  • The One Where I write haikus because they comfort me. 
  • The One Where I re-watch Friends
  • The One Where I understand I can freeze circumstances by writing them down.

[I could go on and on…] 

Looking back at one year ago from today, I realize how much I’ve grown on so many different levels. I’m in awe with the strength and vulnerability I’ve had as trustworthy companions within myself. At the same time, I’ve been lucky to experience so much love and support from others. This is also “The One Where I say Thank You to everyone out there who’s been part of my journey.” Here’s to a healthy and happy 2021! 

How about YOU? Which episodes of 2020 would you like to remember? 


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  1. I really like this idea of naming parts of your life like the episodes of Friends. Sounds like you have had an eventful journey! Happy new year to you 🥳

  2. I wish we’ll have “The One Where we celebrate our reunion and other achievements face-to-face” soon. 🙂

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