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You’re part of a crowd, a group, a colony. Now you’re standing by yourself. Still close to your relatives but in a separate vase. A vase may be too big of a word. You’re standing in a tiny glass, stretching your neck towards a sunlamp. Do you feel lonely? What are you thinking all while bending towards the light? 

You’re beaming, blazing in pink. There’s no trace of a thorn on your body. You’re perfect without mercy. How do you protect yourself from danger? What do you do when anyone gets too close? 

You’re aiming high, I can tell. You’re making an effort to stand upright. You want to understand your surroundings. You want to face them. And yet, you’re turning your back to the crowd you originally came from. 

One of your leaves is staring at the ground. It hasn’t fallen, yet. It will last another while, I can feel it. You’re getting old. How are you handling it? What will you do once you’ve faded?

Do you wish for a future on the compost? Or do you prefer becoming a dry flower decoration? Maybe you’re up for the closet, jumping into a lavender sachet?  Don’t you worry about that just now. A second blossoming is yet to come, I know it. 

You were the only one of your kind in the bouquet. That’s why I put you in a special place. In your glass, next to your family of origin, you’ve been drawing a smile on my tired face for days. I want to thank you. And I wish you, as well as me, much strength to carry on.


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  1. A diiferent vase is such a good picture! I need to think about this … Lot’s of strenght to you!

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