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Reviewing NaBloPoMo 2020

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Even though NaBloPoMo somehow seems to have faded away and I didn’t encounter any other bloggers participating this year, I still very much enjoyed getting back into a blogging routine. I wrote a daily poem reflecting on the places, people and possibilities that have shaped me. This has been both an enriching and healing experience. Independently from NaBloPoMo, I also met some very inspiring and uplifting fellow bloggers along the way. I’m so grateful for being able to express my thoughts with you through this platform. 

Here’s a compilation of all the poems I wrote in November: 

  1. To the airport that’s closing its doors
  2. To the friend I’ve known for a decade
  3. To the home of my soul
  4. To the one who’s livin’ his dream
  5. To the little one that’s grown so much
  6. To the friend who doesn’t want to be hurt again
  7. To the one thinking about lowering his standards
  8. To the one who taught me unconditional love
  9. To the sister from another mister
  10. To the friend WordPress introduced me to
  11. To the friend who’s close despite the distance
  12. To the one who knows
  13. To the friend who loves to write
  14. To the one who’s the yang to my yin
  15. To the friend who lives next door
  16. To the poets who have helped me heal
  17. To the ones that have rejected me
  18. To the friend I call my coach
  19. To the city that has seen me grow
  20. To the one I call my Bob
  21. To the life that inspires me
  22. To the one who’d walk through fire 
  23. To the friend who reads my mind
  24. To the daughter I might or might not have
  25. To the friend who brightens up my days
  26. To the one who keeps trying
  27. To the friend who loves to fly
  28. To the friend who’s very wise
  29. To the friend who dances with my mind and soul
  30. To the one who’ll always be by my side


Not only my mind went on a ramble. My body moved a lot as well. Besides the daily blogging, a second mission I set myself in November was to go for a walk every day. I didn’t plan this consciously. It simply happened. I went for a walk the first day. Then the second. And so on. It soon became a daily habit which turned out to be necessary for my well-being. All in all, I ended up walking an average of 8 kilometres a day, which reminds me of my Camino experience

I’m proud of both accomplished November challenges. They accompanied me for a full thirty days and gave me the strength and determination to tackle new challenges lying ahead. Both self-chosen and imposed ones. Thank you for stopping by, for reading, commenting on and following my aNadventures. I hope December’s very kind to all of you!

How about YOU? Any upcoming challenges you’d like to tackle? Feel free to share them in the comment section.


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