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A step at a time

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

Don’t look at the mountain

Laid out in front

Imagine a fountain

With chocolate font

A step at a time

You’re full of ideas

A fresh juice with lime

An evening with peers

Find your motivation

This path is your own

Standing ovation

Doubts are blown

A step at a time

The journey is long

Your dreams do rime

There’s no right or wrong

Your inner voice is taking you far

A step at a time

From where others are

The road may seem lonely

And bumpy and brisk

There’s one way only

To enjoy the risk

A step at a time

Trust your inner self

Floating is no crime

Feeling like you’re twelve

Sharp as a knife

So full of fears

Let the rhythm of life

Wipe away the tears

A step at a time


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