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İyi Bayramlar: Family, Friends and Food


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I just returned home from a one-week holiday at my flat mate’s family’s place in Adapazarı / Sakarya. It was Kurban Bayramı (the Feast of Sacrifice) last week, which is the most important Muslim holiday. During this holiday which lasts four days and whose date changes slightly every year, families traditionally kill a lamb and share the meat with their families, friends, neighbours and the poor. We did not kill a lamb but saw some left-overs on the street proving that others did. We spent the week paying visits to friends and family members and were greeted with open arms, kolonya and chocolate. Children generally kiss the elder people’s hands as a sign of respect and receive money and / or sweets in return. Some families also offer gifts to each other. Turkish house wives prepare well for this kind of holiday. They make sure their houses are spotless since a lot of visitors will be around – and they create the most delicious meals.

I feel blessed to have had the chance of spending this holiday with a Turkish family that treated me like one of theirs. I got a further insight into this culture I am living in and once more got to see the important role of family and friends. And food, of course.


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