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December Travels: Merry Christmas in Northern Germany

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

One of the things I actually missed when I was living in Turkey was Christmas. I mean, there’s Kirismas but it’s just not the same. I missed the German Christmas, especially the time from December 1st up until the 24th, with its Advent calendar where you get to open a present every day, the St. Nikolaus tradition, the Christmas markets, the mulled wine, sausages, cookie baking, cookie eating, the cozy evenings with friends. So I caught up on all of that this year and enjoyed every second of it.

For the holidays, my siblings and I as well as some extended family gathered at our parents’ house up in Northern Germany.

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

There are things in life that are just priceless:

  • Decorating the Christmas tree with the whole family gathered.
  • Talky time with my sister.
  • Listening to my favourite podcast with my brother.
  • Going for a walk with dad.
  • Having silly arguments with mum.
  • Playing “Risk” with the whole family.
  • Playing memory and cards with the little ones.
  • Watching movies all together.
  • Lots of hugs.
  • And all the yummy food, of course.

There’s nothing like family. Especially during Christmas time.

What are YOUR special Christmas moments 2014?


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