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Turkish Daylights: Night time sales


Before wishing you all a good night, I need to share what I saw on my way home this evening:

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There were pillows and blankets piled up on the pavement. Lots of them. Illuminated by a spotlight, advertised by a short black haired guy and surrounded by curious by-passers.  Buyruuuuuuuun! Buy and run? Not quite. Buyurun is a typical sales shout-out, a way to greet and attract potential clients and to request them to have a look.

Even though street vendors are quite common in Turkey, I had not come across such a kind of night time sales action yet, at least not in my street. I am curious to see if the vendor will still be at that same spot tomorrow or if he will have moved on to somewhere else.

Ok, I guess it’s time to snuggle into my own pillow and blanket now. Sweet dreams, everyone.


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  1. Was he there the following night?

    • No, he wasn’t. You never know where the big sale’s going on so you better buy whatever you need (or don’t need) right away. 😉

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