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Turkish Daylights: Turkish Delights

A selection of lokum.

© aNadventures


Turkish delights, lokum in Turkish, are cube-shaped sweets consisting of gel, starch and sugar flavoured with rosewater or fruit essences. They exist in multiple varieties that may contain pieces of pistachio, hazelnuts, pommegranade seeds, dried figs or other delicacies. They may be sprinkled with coconut grater or dusted with icing sugar. I particularly recommend chocolate covered pistachio lokum. A palate’s dream!

Enjoying coffee and lokum.

© aNadventures


Lokum is served on special occasions, for instance when offering Turkish coffee to guests or on Bayram celebrations such as after the feasting month of Ramazan.


Have you ever tried lokum? Which one’s your favourite?


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  1. I’ve tried some saffron one before which were amazing, but I do like the pistachio ones as well! I rarely buy them though (else I’ll just stuff myself with them)

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