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The road ahead

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She didn’t know the road ahead. Guided by the sound of the waves to her left and a breeze of fresh spring air, she set one foot in front of the other. There was mist on the horizon. A new adventure had just begun and she was minding her own business. The path led her through hills and valleys. It kept unfolding right in front of her. Whom would she meet along the way? Would she be the only one on a quest? Most probably not.

For a while, she walked all by herself. Then, she started spotting fellow pilgrims ahead of her and others getting closer from behind. Buen camino!, they’d greet her. Buen camino!, she’d reply. One foot in front of the other. She let her legs and feet carry her through life, the weight of experience tied to her back. 

It suddenly started raining. She stopped for a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in a little restaurant by the sea side. There were tall windows all over the place which made it seem like a cage of glass in the middle of nowhere. The other pilgrims could spot her bright orange rain cape from a distance. 

You’re the one who was sitting in the restaurant by the sea side, right?, they asked in the evening, when they all met again at the lodging. Yes, that was me, she replied. She’d taken on a new identity. She was the one with the orange rain cape now. She’d wanted to be by herself. That’s what she’d thought. But what she actually wanted was to belong. She felt she was part of a group now. Part of a story – her own and that of others. 

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  1. Que linda descrição Ana e que bela jornada.
    Quando vi a sua fotografia reconheci o lugar onde foi tirada, foi cá em Portugal. Conheço bem o lugar.
    Um abraço forte!

  2. Muchas gracias, Irina. Sí, esa foto fue tomada cerca de Caminha. Me gustó mucho el paisaje y, en general, tengo muy bellos recuerdos del Camino Portugués. Espero regresar algún día. Un abrazo grande para tí tambien!

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