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Top 7 places to spend the night on the Camino Portugués

Poster of a pilgrim spottet at Ideas Peregrinas.

© aNadventures

Throughout my camino experience I came to sleep in numerous different beds. Setting off in the mornings, I hardly ever knew where I would end up spending the night. So every day was a surprise. The accommodation I chose was an alternation of church run lodgings, youth hostels and privately run hostels. The costs varied between 5 to 14 euros. So all of them were quite affordable. The lodgings were different in terms of furnishing, comfort and attention. Some were not more than a mere shelter for the night but some others represented a cozy oasis to regain forces after a rough day.

These are my favourite places to spend the night on the Camino Portugués, in the order that I visited them:


  1. HI Hostel Ofir / Pousada de Juventude (Fão – Portugal)
Youth Hostel in Fão.

© aNadventures

This youth hostel is a clean and tranquil place to spend your night after an exhausting hike. The rooms are equipped with fresh sheets, a radiator and hooks. The washing facilities are proper and spacious. There is a pool outside which is ideal for the warm summer months. Breakfast is included in the 11 € fee for the night.


  1. HI Hostel Vila Nova de Cerveira / Pousada de Juventude (Vila Nova de Cerveira – Portugal)
Youth Hostel in Vila Nova de Cerveira.

© aNadventures

Similar to the previous youth hostel, this one also has a lot of value to offer. The four-bed room I stayed in even had its own bathroom. Sheets are provided and there is a radiator as well as hooks to arrange your belongings after the day. Breakfast is included in the    11 € fee for the night and the personnel at the reception is friendly and helpful.


  1. Ideas Peregrinas (Tui – Spain)
Ideas Peregrinas in Tui.

© aNadventures

This modern hostel in the heart of Tui was my absolute favourite, a true oasis on the camino. The rooms are cozy and clean. Much attention has been put into the fitting-out. The facilities as well as the friendly staff will instantly make you feel at home. Also make sure to visit the shop and café which serves delicious breakfast. The cost for the night is 13 € and this accommodation is worth every cent of it. Congratulations to Mónica and Silvana, who have created this pearl on the camino.


  1. O Lar de Pepa (Arcade – Spain)
O Lar de Pepa in Arcade.

© aNadventures

This place is run by José Luis, a vivid elderly man who named it after his mother Pepa, an even more elderly but equally vivid lady. The man’s hospitality is so big, it will make you ignore the moldy corners of the room. You may use the kitchen as well as the washing machine. The warm shower will make you come back to life after an exhausting day and, in summer, you will love the spacious roof terrace.  The cost per person is 10 € per night.


  1. Albergue Catro Canos (Tivo – Spain)
Albergue Catro Canos in Tivo.

© aNadventures

This lodging is run by the García family and they will be very concerned with your well-being. The rooms as well as the bathroom are very clean and even though there weren’t any sheets provided (because usually pilgrims bring their own sleeping bag), I was thrilled to notice that the fleece blankets were freshly washed and smelled all nice and clean. The family serves traditional food which is just delicious. The price for the night is 10 €.


  1. Albergue La Calabaza del Peregrino (Teo-Faramello – Spain)
Albergue La Calabaza del Peregrino in Teo-Faramello.

© aNadventures

This place is located in the middle of nowhere but once you enter you will feel at home. The beds are clean, with sheets. There are sufficient hooks on the walls to arrange your belongings and the bathrooms are clean with shower gel provided, which wasn’t the case in any other place I previously stayed at. Try the Galician stew for dinner. It will help you recover forces. I paid 12 € for the night.


  1. Albergue The Last Stamp (Santiago de Compostela – Spain)
Albergue The Last Stamp in Santiago de Compostela.

© aNadventures

The hostel’s symbolic name as well as its beautiful logo attracted me to spend my two nights in Santiago de Compostela at The Last Stamp. You will find several dormitories with bulky bunk beds, each of them equipped with a locker for your backpack. Each bed has its own reading light as well as a power point. The reception is open 24/7 and the helpful staff will assist you with anything you may need. The price for the night is 14 €.


How about YOU? Which lodgings did you like best along the Camino Portugués or any other pilgrim trail? I’d be happy to read your recommendations in the comment section.



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