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Smile at life

Smile at life.

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One of my plans for the new year is to clear out my closet and shelves to reduce my belongings to a minimum. Everything that’s neither useful, nor pretty nor necessary has to go.

In a recent clear out mission I came upon a poem that I wrote back in 2010. I didn’t even remember writing it. I decided to keep this one and to share it with you. It’s in Spanish:

Sonríele a la vida

Si la vida te trata mal: Sonríele.

Eso la desconcertará.

Si la vida te cae mal: Sonríele.

Eso la sorprenderá.

Si la vida te detesta: Sonríele.

Eso la hará caer en cuenta de su error.

Si la vida te mata: Sonríele.

Eso te hará sobrevivir.

How about YOU? Any hidden poems you would like to share? Or other plans for the new year?




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