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November Travels #1: Japanese Noodle Soups in Düsseldorf


November has been a busy month of travels across Germany and beyond. One of my stops includes Düsseldorf. Upon my arrival, I learnt that this city in the Ruhr region is home to the largest Japanese community in Germany.  More than eleven thousand temporary and permanent residents as well as a large number of Japanese firms have chosen to settle here.

Their presence becomes evident when walking around the streets near to the central station, where one Japanese restaurant follows the next. Paying a visit to NaNiWa, the famous noodle soup place in that area, was obligatory.

We waited in line in front of the place for about fifteen minutes. There was a bench and our order was taken while waiting so the dishes arrived relatively fast after we were seated inside. The atmosphere was warm and cozy, the dishes large and comforting. Just the right thing for a fresh fall evening. My brother and I left with happy bellies and the curiosity to explore more of the Japanese cuisine. The possibilities are endless. There’ll be more options to try out upon my next visit.

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