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Receptiveness: Things that struck me back in Quebec


One of the many great things about travelling is that state of receptiveness we find ourselves in when visiting other cultures. Things that may be completely random and out of question for the locals catch our interest and curiosity.

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

When I went back to Canada this summer, I noticed many of those little things that I had gotten used to when living there but that now, ten years later, caught my attention again.

Here’s a selection:

  • Many people have swimming pools in their yards. You can easily spot them as light blue dots from the plane.
  • You may find water fountains at many public places.
  • You are offered unlimited tap water in any restaurant.
  • You may even bring your own wine to certain restaurants.
  • Taxes are added to the sales price.
  • Milk (some sorts) is sold in plastic bags.
  • Crisps are a common side dish.
  • People don’t use whatsapp.
  • Everything is just so much bigger.
  • The number plate is located at the back of the car only.
  • There are drive-through possibilities even for just picking up a cup of coffee.
  • Genetically modified fruit and vegetables are legal.
  • Even short distances are travelled by car.
  • The sound of an ambulance is a different one.
  • The sales people in many shops communicate via radio.
  • Shop assistants pack your groceries into bags for you while you’re paying.
  • There’s a string on the bus that you can pull to announce that you’d like to get off.
  • Many people own a rocking chair and like to sit in it while at their front porch.

There are numerous of such details we may notice when being receptive towards our surroundings.

How about YOUR experiences? What has caught your attention when exploring new places?

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