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10 weird (?) things that make me ME

Motivational tissues.

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Today I went to the supermarket and got my very first cauliflower. It’s literally the first I’ve ever bought. There’s no particular reason I haven’t done it before. Neither is there a particular reason for me buying it today. I just saw it and thought: Why not? Let’s try it. I’m into soups lately. So that may have influenced my decision.

Here’s a list of ten other things that make me ME:

  1. I love exploring supermarkets in foreign countries. They are as interesting to me as museums are to other people.
  2. I often picture myself taking a bite of a stranger’s hot dog while they’re passing by.
  3. I listen to Reggaetón music when I’m in the shower.
  4. When boarding a plane, I gently pat it while entering the door.
  5. I’m a big fan of motivational tissues.
  6. I’m a lipstick addict.
  7. I like setting up missions.
  8. I collect the business cards of the people I work with.
  9. I like to think of my life as a soap opera.
  10. I own a giraffe costume.


Number 11 would be: I bought a cauliflower for the very first time at age 31.

How about YOU? What makes you YOU?



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