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For me personally, Home is not a place. It is a feeling.

The following video that was forwarded to me a few days ago contains some interesting insights into the topic:

For other interpretations of Home, have a look at the Daily Prompt: There’s No Place Like Home.

How about you? What is your understanding of Home?

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  1. Just found this and I agree so much with this feeling – its a state of mind to me. I also know that even if my roots happen to be Irish (born there left in my twenties) or Scottish (where I now am a citizen with vote etc) i cannot begin to identify with any nationality – what does it matter in the present in this one wonderful world? The video you share is excellent – we are not alone

    • Exactly, we could say that the world is our home. Home does not have to be one particular place.
      Thank you, elspethc, for sharing the video and referring to my blog. By the way, Scotland has a very special place in my heart, one could say “Home”.
      Warm greetings from Turkey!

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