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The world is following me


Well, at least some of you are. Today, July 19th 2013 (one day before the Colombian Independence Day), marks the day I have reached 50 followers on this blog. FIFTY! That is great news. This means that fifty individuals around the globe are actually interested in reading about my aNadventures.

When I started this blog, I thought it to be mainly a way of expressing my experiences and impressions of a new life abroad along with other random ideas that happen to fly through my mind. I thought it to become a nice collection of memories and snap shots to look back at as time goes by.

However, this blog has developed into so much more. It has become a source of inspiration in itself, encouraging me to keep my eyes open for curiosities every day and to try to put my impressions into words. It has become a platform to share experiences and opinions with bloggers of similar interests and has led me to discover many other interesting and inspiring blogs by individuals from all sorts of different backgrounds.

This blog has helped me create connections with people I would otherwise never have encountered. It has been a truly enriching experience to be part of such a creative and diverse community. Some of you may recognize themselves from this map:

© aNadventures

Thank you for following aNadventures! I wish you all a nice and inspiring weekend.


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