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aNa yemek*


This is my contribution to this week’s Writing Challenge in which we are inspired to create a recipe of ourselves:

© aNadventures

Occasion: adaptable to many settings

Level of difficulty: easy

Preparation time: continuous evolution



For the base:

–          500g of self-determination

–          an ounce of positivism

–          half a bottle of honesty extract

–          a spoon full of humour

For the filling:

–          14 melted bars of Colombian chocolate (75%)

–          assorted languages

–          5 scoops of internationalism

–          8 hugs

–          a lobster claw

–          some more chocolate

–          and a sandwich

For the topping:

–          a handful of strawberries

–          bright colours

–          nail varnish

–          an earring collection

–          a pair of glasses

–          a smile


  1. Heat up at pure sunshine.
  2. Stir until dancing.
  3. Add some Turkish delights.
  4. Serve in good company.
  5. Wash your hands after preparation.


*Ana yemek = Turkish for main meal


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