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From Faralya to the Butterfly Valley: To descent or not to descent?


When I asked a Turkish friend for a summer holiday recommendation last year, she advised me to visit Faralya, a small village near Ölüdeniz. I’m glad I followed her advice since it turned out to be one of the cutest most peaceful places I’ve ever been to. The village, or rather a handful of houses, is situated just above the Butterfly Valley which is a good place for a swim, a hike to a water fall and to relax in the coolest bar on earth. There is a steep path in the rocks leading down from Faralya to the valley.


© aNadventures

© aNadventures


My travel companion and I were thinking about making it down to the valley on foot but decided against it. I didn’t have any solid pair of shoes with me. The path is said to be quite dangerous. People have died on the attempt. There’s still the option of reaching the valley by boat so there’s absolutely no need to risk one’s life.

The other day I talked to someone who took that very route down to the valley. I was told that it’s possible to make it, with decent foot wear, no heavy backpack nor any other burden and staying focused on the sometimes slim and worn ropes leading the way.

To descent or not to descent? That is the question. I may actually give it a try next time I’m around. Or maybe not?


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