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Starting Over


It’s time for another weekly writing challenge. Yay!

© aNadventures

This one is dedicated to the love of my life: The city of Berlin.

I met you on a cold winter’s day

And immediately knew I wanted to stay.

You took me in when no one would,

Provided the best comfort you could.

He said I would never learn how to fly,

Yet here I am giving it a try.

She told me off for being just me,

But there is nothing else I want to be.

It’s like a dream come true,

Together we have lived it through.

We both know I’m not your only child

Accepted by you are the restless and wild.

You take us all without regret,

This is something we will never forget.

They now see the smile on my face

Our bond will make sure it does not fade.

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