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My 10 Rules


#1. Making my bed every day. Doing so is a means of bringing some order into my life and gives me the comforting feeling that everything is alright.

#2. Earrings and nail varnish are essential. They should match my outfit. You may see me without nail varnish at times. But never without earrings.

#3. The salami and cheese trick. This is a means to avoid sticky fingers when eating a sandwich. The cheese should always be placed on top of the salami.

#4. 8 hugs a day. I once read that this is the minimum number of hugs an individual requires on a daily basis to survive. For me it is true. Sometimes there may be 10 hugs per day, sometimes 2. But a day without hugs is a sad day.

#5. Saying NO. This one was a hard one for me to learn. But saying NO to things and people I don’t want in my life has made it so much easier for me.

#6. The Rucksack Theory. It is about saying NO to materialism and about only focusing on the things in life that really matter to me. It includes getting rid of items I don’t use or need anymore.

#7. Reading one book per month. I must admit I don’t always stick to this rule, especially in recent times. But in general, I try to find the motivation to read at least one book per month. There are so many interesting and inspiring books out there. It would be a waste to let time pass without even getting to read a fraction of them.

#8. Wearing matching underwear. I know, no one may notice if I don’t. But it makes me feel good about myself (cf. rule #2).

#9. Chocolate makes me happy. This is not a rule. It is a LAW.

#10. If I really want something, I do my best to achieve it, which means that I focus 100% on my goal and apply 120% of my available energy to reach it.

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  1. This is such a great idea, I think I am going to have to think about this one and write up one for myself. I laughed out loud when I read the salami and cheese rule!

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