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Bob is always right


Oh no! Just as I wanted to get started on that term paper I have to hand in on Friday, I stumbled upon this Daily Prompt. Sorry, term paper, I have to write about this one first.

So, what is the favorite thing about myself?

There are quite a few things I like about myself. But one of my favorites is my Bob. My what? My Bob!

Bob is not a human. He is a part of me. I don’t remember when exactly it was I gave him that name but he has been with me ever since. My Bob is a mix of my conscience and my intuition. He is my private warning system. He is always right and never lets me down.

He is the one who told me not to work for that dodgy rich guy who said he needed an interpreter but was after something else.

He is the one that said Turkey would be the right choice for me to spend my year abroad.

He is the one who has encouraged me to start writing again.

My Bob lets me know about people I should not trust. About decisions I should not make. He still should work on warning me about things I should not say, though.

Whenever I come to a point where I don’t know what to do, I ask myself: What does Bob say? And then I act according to it.

Bob, thank you for everything. You are great!

Right now he is telling me to better get started on that term paper. So, I’ll be back after Friday…



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