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Lines: Walking around in Pontevedra


One of the stages of my camino experience led me to the beautiful city of Pontevedra, in the Spanish region Galicia. While walking around the historic city centre, I came upon the following collection of lines:

Walking map in Pontevedra, Spain.

© aNadventures

What looks like a metro map at first sign, is actually a walking map. The colourful lines show the walking distances and time estimations between the many nice spots this city has to offer. I was tempted to try them all, if it hadn’t been for the strong pain from all the previous walking.

But the idea was certainly something that struck me.

How about YOU? Have you ever come across such a walking map? Or have you followed the one in Pontevedra yourselves?

For other interpretations of Lines, have a look at this week’s photo challenge.


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