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Just a dream

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What I give is mine to give. It’s a present. An offer. You may take it or leave it. You’ve left a trace in my soul. I’m grateful for these feelings. Feeling deeply. Deeply caring for another human being. Another day. Another chance. Reaching out for a dream. 

I had a dream the other night. We met at the corner of my street. It was a sunny day. We had lunch, sitting on a bench. Soup kept dripping from my lips. Leaving a stain on my jacket. Then making its way onto the pavement. We got up and started walking. I noticed I’d forgotten my shoes. I tiptoed back to the bench. There were no shoes. Then I returned. You were waiting patiently. A smile on your face. You put your arm around my shoulder. I stepped into dog poo. That’s when I woke up. 

What I give is mine to give. It’s a present. An offer. You may step right in or walk around it. Let’s walk side by side for a while. Shall we? And then, there’s a U-turn. Time to turn back in time. Back to when we were just kids. Genuinely ourselves. No harm. No alarm. Pure feelings. And childhood giggles. I’m not scared to walk barefooted. Are you? It’s just a dream, after all.

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