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An unusual homework


The other evening, while fooling about, my flat mate and I made an agreement: She, who is interested in the Spanish language, will learn the lyrics of La Tortura by Shakira and I will give Bir güzellik yapsana by Murat Dalkılıç a try. In a few weeks’ time, we will perform our respective songs in a Karaoke bar. At least, that is the plan.

Today I went to the copy shop downstairs in order to get some university stuff printed. At the same time I wanted to print the song lyrics which I had also translated in order to know what I would actually be singing. Here in Turkey, you do not always print things yourself. As I handed my USB stick to the guy I thought: “Please, don’t open the file, don’t open it, just print it and hand it to me without looking at it.”

Of course he opened it. And he gave me a big smile asking: “Is this your homework?”

“Yes it is!”, I smiled back. Now I should get started on the rehearsal. I will let you know how the final performance went in case it is worth mentioning.

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