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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


This week’s Photo Challenge is about sharing something unique:

© aNadventures

Feet. There are no two pairs alike. I asked two of my dearest friends, who are twins, to compare their feet and they told me they were very different: different sizes, different toe shapes, different toe positions… They are unique.

Just look at YOUR feet. Are they small, large, wide, thin? How are they shaped? What is special about them?

I can pick up objects (such as a pen) with my feet, due to my long toes. Some people are even able to draw with their feet.

We do not pay enough attention to our feet. But they are the ones who carry us through life.

Every one of us leaves different foot prints in this world. Our feet are unique. And so are we.

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  1. Love the different colors. Uniquely artistic!

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