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Happy Half-Birthday


© aNadventures

Lucy watches her mother place 3 and a half candles on a chocolate strawberry cake. She jumps from one foot to the other, throwing her little pink arms up in the air and shouting out: “For meeee?”

“Yes, my sweet little creature. It’s your half-birthday today. Time to celebrate!”

Her mother starts lighting the candles, one after the other. She thinks of how fast time has passed. How her sweet angel has grown and continues lighting up her life every second of each day. She feels a little stitch in her abdomen, looks down on it and caresses it. The morning sickness is getting better and the belly is starting to show.

The noise of a key in the door. Lucy runs towards it. “Daddy, Daddy, it’s my half-birthday! We’re having a party!”

A man with the most radiant smile walks into the room, little Lucy in his arms.

Lucy’s mother smiles. This is all she ever wanted. This is all she needs. This is what she loves.

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