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Reverse culture shock

I take a deep breath before boarding the plane. The sun caresses my face. I’m holding a plastic bag that contains my coat. I look around one last time: Lots of planes and the cozy terminal of Izmir’s Adnan Menderes Airport just a few hundred metres away. I’ve been in that building so many times […]


Starting a new cycle

March 22, 2014. That was seven years ago. It was a Saturday. I boarded a plane from Izmir to Berlin, returning to my home town of choice after having lived in Turkey for 1.5 years. Most cells of the human body are replaced by fresh cells within seven years, on average. So it’s safe to […]


8th aNaversary: Still fond of Turkey

It’s been a while since I wrote a Turkey appreciation post. Lately, I’ve been exploring other topics and a rather new passion of mine on this blog: poetry. But those of you who’ve known me from the very beginning of my blogging life, might remember that 8 years ago, I moved to Izmir, on the […]


5th aNaversary: How my life has changed

I own three different types of perfume:  The first one is my standard aNa fragrance that I’ve worn since I was seventeen. I’m almost twice as old these days, so that’s been quite a long time. The second one is my weekend smell. I use it from Friday to Sunday. It’s as sweet as the […]


aNadventures Soundtrack Vol. 2

Two years ago, I designed this cover featuring some of my favourite aNadventures blog posts. I think it’s time for a new soundtrack including new favourites as well as old classics. So here’s what I’ve come up with: Turkey: It was meant to be You know you have been in Turkey for a while when… […]


3rd aNaversary: And the journey goes on

As I just logged into my WordPress account, I was greeted by this notification: Yesterday marked the third aNaversary of this blog. Three years already? Just the other day, I was joking around that my life could be classified into three periods: First, there’s life BT: Before Turkey. Then, there’s life TT: Throughout Turkey. And […]


Turkey beneath my feet

It’s been far over a year now since I returned from my 1.5 year Turkey adventure. This experience has shaped me so much though, that I still find myself saying “when in Turkey“ at least once a day. The Turkey anecdotes keep accompanying me wherever I go. They’ve become part of my story. The picture […]


Thank you 2014, welcome 2015!

2014 was a special year, a great one, not only because 14 is my favourite number. A year ago this time I wouldn’t have imagined all the turns my life would take in just one year. I was still in Turkey then and couldn’t picture life elsewhere. By now, being back in Berlin feels so […]


aNadventures Soundtrack Vol. 1

This week’s Photo Challenge is about Cover Art. So that got me thinking… If I were to design an album cover for my blog it would look something like this:     Now I got to choose my favourite tracks blog posts to include on the album. Here’s a selection: Bonjour, Hi! Confessions of a […]


2nd aNaversary: Best of aNadventures

It’s been two years since I started this blog, on August 30th 2012, shortly before leaving Berlin for my 1.5 year Turkey adventure. A lot has happened ever since. I’ve been on the move. In Turkey and elsewhere. Experiencing change, happiness, challenges, the feeling of home. Previously on aNadventures: Why Turkey? Turkey first times How […]