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August Travels: Bonjour, Hi!

In 2003/2004 I spent a high school year in Québec, Canada’s francophone belle provence. I lived with a host family in Joliette, close to Montréal, and got to know their culture, language and traditions. It was the first time I spent considerable time away from home, in a place that soon became home. Before I […]


Travels near and far

Berlin, we were meant to be. Hamburg, you had me in tears.  Krakow, I’ll be back soon.  Madrid, please wait for me.    Munich, oh well.  Bogotá, back to the roots. Barcelona, bonding strangers.  Izmir, hundreds of stories to tell.    Porto, forever in my heart. Verona, dreams come true.   Bibione, mi manca il tuo […]


September Travels: The sweet taste of Berlin

After a holiday in Québec this August, my September travels were more of the local kind. I stayed in Berlin and attended the Naschmarkt, a market for everyone with a sweet tooth. The Naschmarkt takes place every three months in a covered market area (Markthalle Neun) in the district of Kreuzberg. Muffins, marshmallows and macarons, […]


April Travels: Lisboa

As the three first months of the year were my last three months in Turkey, I dedicated my travel time to getting to know new places over there (Eskişehir, Manisa and Izmir). Being back in Germany hasn’t kept me from exploring, though. There’s still so much world to see out there – places close and […]


Thank you 2014, welcome 2015!

2014 was a special year, a great one, not only because 14 is my favourite number. A year ago this time I wouldn’t have imagined all the turns my life would take in just one year. I was still in Turkey then and couldn’t picture life elsewhere. By now, being back in Berlin feels so […]


Home is where my keys are

Where are you from? An everyday life question. An opener to any kind of conversation, it may seem. A city, a state, a country. A straight forward answer? Not for me. My story takes a bit longer to explain. I was born in the center of Germany to Colombian parents, grew up in North-Western Germany, […]


Receptiveness: Things that struck me back in Quebec

One of the many great things about travelling is that state of receptiveness we find ourselves in when visiting other cultures. Things that may be completely random and out of question for the locals catch our interest and curiosity. When I went back to Canada this summer, I noticed many of those little things that […]


Exploring Montreal

It’s been a little over two months already since I returned from my August Travels that led me back to Canada after ten years of absence. It was about time that I went back to the place that had been my home for a year. In order to remember some of the precious moments I […]


aNadventures Soundtrack Vol. 1

This week’s Photo Challenge is about Cover Art. So that got me thinking… If I were to design an album cover for my blog it would look something like this:     Now I got to choose my favourite tracks blog posts to include on the album. Here’s a selection: Bonjour, Hi! Confessions of a […]


What inspires me?

Today I had a conversation with a friend who told me about an assignment for her Entrepreneurship class. The professor had asked everyone in the group to think about five things that inspire them. And that’s how my friend inspired me to write this post. The list of things inspiring me is not limited to […]