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My heart

© aNadventures

My heart is a stranger

I only just met. 

A friendly reminder

to make it out of bed.


My heart is a parcel

that waits to be picked up. 

A warm sip of coffee

served in a chipped cup.  


My heart is a triangle

lost in the Bermudas. 

It’s fluent in Turkish

and Spanish, sin dudas


My heart is the sun,

the moon and the stars. 

A colourful painting 

with rainbow scars. 


My heart is a notebook

filled with rhymes.

A song stuck in your head  

a hundred times. 


My heart is a door

wide open, yet closed.

The neck of a giraffe 



Invite it for dinner, 

for breakfast or tea. 

Get to know the details

have coffee, feel free. 

Stop being squared, 

learn about your language.

Is love shown or declared?


Let’s dance in the rain, 

unpaint those scars.

No rhyme is in vain, 

no door feels the same. 

A stretched neck

can it reach the sky?

I wonder, can it? I wonder… 


Note: This poem is inspired by Christina Rossetti’s poem “A Birthday”, which I came upon in Kate Clanchy’s book “How to grow your own poem”. 


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