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Street art in Valencia: The colours of my honeymoon

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A bright blue sky in the middle of November. A palm tree whispering: You’ll be just fine. A bike, a breeze, the ocean. Lightness. Pure delight. And me in the middle of it all. 


When I think of it today, it seems like years have passed. It feels like a dream. Yet, it happened. Less than two months ago. After a long period of fatigue, anxiety and depression, I decided it was time to go on an adventure once again, to treat myself to a honeymoon with myself. I boarded a plane that took me straight to Valencia (Spain), a place I felt excited to explore. 


I expected the blue sky. I expected the sun. I expected the friendliness of the locals and all the delicious food. What surprised me, though, was to find a street art paradise. On my first afternoon in Valencia, I strolled around the Old Town area and encountered so many colourful murals. A few of them hosted messages that spoke straight to me:


  1. Reset your heart. 
  2. Everything will be just fine. 
  3. We have what we want but not what we need. 

Here’s a selection of the pieces of art I spotted during my honeymoon in Valencia: 



I returned home with a foretaste of what recharged batteries might actually feel like. I’m so very thankful for experiencing that lightness is something I’m still capable of feeling. And I’m looking forward to my next adventures, no matter how small or big. 


How about YOU? Have you ever been to Valencia? Where would you like to spend a honeymoon with yourself? 

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