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The horse in my garden

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To put the horse in the garden. It’s a saying in German: Das Pferd in den Garten stellen. That’s what I did today. Let me explain. 

After work, or rather in between work and work (different story), I went to a coffee place just around the corner from where I live. It’s one of my favourite things to do, lately. Just sit in a café, people-watching, sipping coffee, maybe accompanied by some cake, reading, taking notes, simply relaxing and spending time with myself

The place I went to is run by a Turkish guy. I’ve only been there twice, so far. I instantly felt reassured when I heard him speak Turkish with some of the guests who seem to be regulars. Just as I was leaving, heading towards the door, I dared to say a few words in Turkish myself: “Tschüß. [Ok, that’s German. But then…] Kolay gelsin!” The guy instantly froze and smiled. He asked me if I was Turkish, how I learnt Turkish, why I spoke Turkish. He had thought I was German and said he was learning German so we should MUTLAKA speak next time I went by. I’d like that, actually. 

Exchanging a few sentences, a few words, in Turkish made my day. It always surprises me how switching languages can cause a mood shift. I feel very close to my soul when I speak Turkish. Canımın içinde işte. And the like. So, on my way out of the café, I felt full of energy and walked around the block all while putting the horse in the garden. 

I pictured myself returning to the café sometime soon, talking to the guy, getting to know each other yavaş yavaş, falling in love, telling him I want to take it slow this time, being surprised by his maturity, finally facing someone who can support me on an emotional level, meeting someone I can grow and move forward with. I even pictured us having cute babies and raising them in both Spanish and Turkish. Oh well, the full horse in the garden, işte.

How about YOU? Have you recently placed the horse in your garden? I’d love to read your stories, if you feel like sharing them. 

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